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Nourish those in needs

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Be a Lifeline Every Month 
with Our Seva Packages!

Join us in making a difference month by month. With our Seva Packages, you can help those in need and uplift their lives. It's easy to be a part of the change!

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Spread Joy, Receive Blessings with E-SEVA

At Sevakaar, we offer a centralized platform where you can donate to the society for religious events, and special days allowing you to spread joy and receive blessings. From healthy food to home essential items, you can purchase anything from Sevakkar and donate to the one who needs it the most. Explore our collection and join us in the mission to uplift the community and offer a spiritual and strong connection with society.

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Extend a helping hand

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Uplift Lives with U-Seva Donations!

Join us in making a difference. With our U-Seva Service, you can effortlessly support those in need and bring brightness to lives. Join the movement for change!

Donate Monthly

How Sevakaar Works

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Choose from our range of products, and select the quantity and items you wish to donate.

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Select the date, time and venue for the delivery of your products where you wish to donate.


Donate directly or let the Sevakaar team donate for you on your choice of date & venue.

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Our team packs and delivers your products promptly, ensuring safe arrival on time.

Join Us in Celebrating Your Special Day

Celebrate with purpose. Our donation packages provide essentials for those in need on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Join us in giving back.

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About Sevakaar

At our core, we believe in celebrating life's moments with purpose and compassion. Our mission is simple: to provide essential items and nourishment to those in need during significant occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones. Through curated donation packages, we aim to make a positive impact on both the giver and the recipient, fostering a sense of connection and goodwill within our community. Join us in creating lasting memories while making a difference in the lives of others.

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Why Choose Sevakaar?

Sevakaar maintains the devotional link of food with God. We maintain all the best hygiene and cultural necessities while preparing each food order. We also ensure that the packaging is easy to handle, easy to heat so that you remain focused on the spiritual high that you so rightly deserved.

100% Pure Vegetarian Food
Healthy and Hygienic Food
No Onion, No Garlic
Affordable Prices & Packages
On-time Delivery
Customized Packages for You

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